#2 Learn the guitar & #8 Write a song

So I finally bought a Guitar!
Ok, granted its not a very good guitar, and it was kinda a compulsive buy. I was wandering the isles of the local Deseret Industries {DI}, which is one of my most favorite past times!
I love finding finds,
and I am pretty darn good at it!
When suddenly I spotted it!
...............{ I must have}..................

So I took my little beauty home, not knowing anything about the brand
{which i might be a little embarrassed about, cause it's actually kinda crappy}
But o'well, its something to practice on.
I mean, when I/If I ever get good, then I will upgrade....right!!!???
So, back on track- I took my little beauty home and started playing right away. I have not played/practiced since I moved to Utah a few months ago. I was practicing on my roommates guitar while in AZ
{She was so kind to let me borrow it}
I have missed playing ever since.
So needless to say, I now have a guitar to practice on. And I am very excited about it!
{minus that dreaded F chord!!!} ha ha.

{My poor little fingers whilst learning}

{I have to say, its definitely a strange sensation building up those calluses}

I am also currently in the process of writing a song.....however, Its been a bit frustrating!

I don't actually know where to start.
I have all the LYRICS running around in my head and on paper, but I cant quite seem to gather them, nor turn them into anything.
So any of you musicians out there, if you have any advice on song writing.....sent it my way

Please!? and thank you!

XOXO- Nikki